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The next LIVE Audiomazing Love Story Performance Workshop is currently being planned for a city near you. Sign-up for the Audiomazing Love Story newsletter for updates.

The next LIVE Audiomazing Love Story Performance Workshop is currently being planned for a city near you. Sign-up for the Audiomazing Love Story newsletter for updates on date & location.

Ron Ruth is the creator of The Audiomazing Love Story.

About Ron Ruth

I'm Ron Ruth, a certified Wedding Entertainment Director® who has a passion for helping brides and grooms design and create unforgettably fun wedding receptions that are an unmistakable reflection of their personality & style. I am the founder and owner of Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment in Kansas City, spending almost three decades on the front lines of wedding celebrations as the creative partner to countless newlyweds.

My friends know me as a husband, dad, grandpa, storyteller, an on-going student of improvisational theatre, a performer, writer,  friend and unabashed Disney geek (don’t judge me).

Entrepreneurs know me as a successful business owner, business consultant, coach, public speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor, teacher, innovator and the founder of “Inspiramaginativity™” – the playful blending of inspiration, imagination & creativity to produce innovative ideas and highly profitable solutions for your most daunting business challenges. 

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But, my brides and grooms  know me for my creative and imaginative approach to wedding reception entertainment that is full of personal touches plus new and exciting ways to celebrate. Those performances have produced once-in-a-lifetime moments where the smiles and laughter of the guests become the greatest and most lasting memories of the newlyweds who entrust him me with their special day as their creative partner.

In late-2017, I opened The Ron Ruth Experience, a business with a focus on training and coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs in the delivery of extraordinary client experiences.

In addition to coaching, I’ve enjoyed a eight+ years as a writer for Disc Jockey News, a national, monthly periodical for professional entertainers and I've had the honor of speaking for local to international audiences; including as a 5-year, featured speaker at the Wedding MBA Conference, ArmDJs, the Association of Bridal Consultants, the National Association of Catering Executives, the American Disc Jockey Association, the Wedding Marketing Expo and Mobile Beat Magazine’s Las Vegas Disc Jockey Conference (MBLV).

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Ron Ruth Presents:
The Audiomazing Love Story Performance Workshop.

The Birth Of The Audiomazing Love Story
by Ron Ruth / Creator Of The Audiomazing Love Story Workshop

In early 2003, I sat in on a seminar about making wedding receptions fun and memorable at the annual, Mobile Beat DJ Conference in Las Vegas. Of the numerous, creative ideas the presenter shared, the telling of the bride and groom's love story stood out as my favorite.

I became so enthused by the entertainment and memory making value love stories offered, I returned home to Kansas City intent on incorporating them into my performances. But, I was faced with one major challenge. The MBLV presenter only discussed the "what" and the “why,” leaving me to ponder the “how.” As in, "How do I get the valuable information I need from my couples to write a compelling love story script?"...Read The Entire Story

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Ron Ruth presents The Audiomazing Love Story Performance Workshop.